The Evolution of the Flav Brand

June 10, 2019

Flav began its journey in 2015. Medical marijuana became legalized in several states. Dispensaries were beginning to open throughout the states. Smoking was the most popular delivery system for cannabis. While the medical benefits of THC were becoming evident, many worried about the potential dangers of smoking. There was also the stigma of smoking in public and concerns of second-hand smoke.

The tobacco industry addressed this problem by delivering nicotine through a vaping system. No one had developed the same technology for marijuana. Flav had the resources and network to develop similar products for the cannabis industry. We saw an opportunity and became one of the first companies to launch marijuana products in the vaping niche.

As we have expanded, we have grown into the one-stop shop for premium quality cannabis and THC products. With over 1,000 product offerings, we are the most approachable and diversified brand in the industry.

There was a lot that went into the expansion and evolution of our brand into what it is today. Let’s take you behind the scenes through the evolution of our brand.

The Flav Timeline


Flav launches as a manufacturer of cannabis-based products for the Medical Marijuana market.

We create one of the first Marijuana-based vape cartridge and vape pen in the marketplace. The creation of this product sets the stage for continued innovation in both concentrates and hardware.

Within the first few months, ten Sativa, ten Hybrids, and ten Indica flavor profiles were introduced. At the time, no other cannabis company provided this type of variety. The formulation was so precise that a connoisseur could identify the strain at the first taste.

This broad flavor strategy continues today at the roots of the Flav brand name. Whenever a new product hits stores, it will always come with a diverse selection of flavors. When the first line of edibles launched, they came with twelve different flavors.


Because of the success of the concentrates, Flav becomes known as the vape and cartridge company.

Hip-hop artist Berner was an early reviewer of a Flav vape product, Girl Scout Cookies, and validated the accuracy and potency of flavor.

With the interest and growth in the health benefits of CBD, Flav develops products for this niche as well. Because of the experience with marijuana extracts and specifically THC extraction, the process was in place to do the same with CBD. The foundation had been laid with previous products so using CBD as the primary component was simple.

The first CBD launch was the vape line with twelve different flavors. Today Flav offers CBD products as tinctures, topicals, sublingual, vapes, and edibles.

Counterfeiting vape products becomes a problem for the entire industry leading to unhealthy dangers for consumers. Flav spearheads the vape counterfeiting fight by creatively updating their packaging and utilizing holographic stickers.

By the end of 2016, Flav was distributed in Washington, California, Oregon.


The Black Label line was born. Black label products are higher potency THC vape products containing 80-90% THC.

As recreational marijuana laws change consumers begin demanding for edibles containing THC. We introduce a line of chocolate and gummy products. We also created unique chocolate cereal puff snack-pouches.

Cartridge breakage and leakage becomes a problem for many vape products. We invent proprietary vape hardware with a retractable battery. Within the product, a protected oil capsule is loaded. These are specially designed to prevent breakage, which was a problem for most vape companies at this time.

CBD gummies and CBD chocolates are released.

Metered pens became the next innovation. No other brands offered a product with specific, accurate doses for the CBD users.

CBD Sublingual tinctures are created in mint, natural, and cherry flavors.


The next potential market for CBD is the cosmetics and beauty market. We enter this market with a CBD bath bomb and a CBD sunscreen in both 30 & 50 SPF.

CBD transdermal patch with an eight-hour time release. Topical salves and roll-ons were created, opening the door into the athletic market. Many well-known athletes especially those in fighting sports such as MMA and boxing use Flav CBD products.

The roll-on products are especially effective for muscle recovery. Not only do they contain CBD, but they are combined with cooling menthol.

We create CBD timed-release capsules designed to combat inflammation in the body. The CBD is combined with other anti-inflammatories such as turmeric to provide superior benefits.

Flav enters the Gummy market with seven initial flavors. The launch was so successful that it eclipsed many of our other products. Even though cannabis concentrate is our main line, the gummy line soon became one of our most popular sellers throughout the industry.

Flav expands into gluten-free gummy belts and vegan gummy ring options.

We celebrate crossing the threshold of 1,000 unique product offerings.

By year end, we have products in the states of Colorado, Nevada, Michigan, and Arizona


Beverages became the new frontier for edible products. Shelf space is limited in cannabis stores and stock drink bottles eat into space needed for other products. We solved this by creating the first powdered lemonade. Not only does this solve space issues, but it also eliminates the need for refrigeration. We are continually developing and creating new flavors. An example of this creativity is our new horchata flavor. Not long after release, horchata is becoming a bestseller as well.

Hawaii and Florida become prepped for new distribution markets.

What the Future Looks Like for Flav?

State Expansion. As soon as a new state comes online with favorable legislation, Flav begins prepping the market for suppliers, manufacturing, and expansion opportunities. State acceptance of cannabis continues to grow exponentially.

Distribution Network. In many states, such as CA, Flav is working on its own distribution system with trucks and warehouses. The goal is to be able to deliver product within 24-48 of customer request.

White Labeling. Flav is creating high quality, premium custom products for other Cannabis industry companies and brands.

If you can dream it, the minds at Flav can probably make it. Flav continues to innovate and expand its offerings, setting the standard and the bar high in the cannabis industry.


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